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A Global Solution

Welcome. We aim to be the answer to pollution. We incorporate proven science and established technology in patented processes that yield groundbreaking results. Our scalable and adaptive technology will be the trend for Water Treatment, Airborne Pollution Control and Indoor Air Quality. What better way of dealing with Organic pollution than reducing it into Water, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen? Browse through our website, and get in touch if you would like a demo.

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A Holistic Approach
Water cleans Air, Light Cleans Water

We began using Water to clean Air. Similar in concept to the Wet Scrubbers used to clean Coal plant emissions, it simplified and enhanced the water/air interface. Cleaning the air with water was elegant, allowed for particulate as well as gas adsorption and provided the secondary benefit of humidification. No filters to replace, but alas dirty water. We incorporated tried and true methods. UV-C and Media filters to inhibit bacterial growth and to remove particulates. It helped, but we still had surface bacteria growth and cloudy water. We then moved to cleaning the air with water, cleaning the water with light. We had arrived at an approach that mimics nature. By incorporating the Advanced Oxidation Process into our designs has resulted in a self cleaning air cleaner that also purifies water. We marvel that the ancient concept of Yin/Yang is echoed in the reduction/oxidation that occurs during Photocatalysis. Accordingly, Feng Shui translates as Wind-Water. Get in touch today to learn more.

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Efficient Scalable Versatile

 The Advanced Oxidation Processes rely on Oxidants to thoroughly mineralize pollutants. The most significant is the Earth's Atmosphere which converts Ozone with UV light  in the presence of water to form Hydroxyl Ions. This Anion has been referred to as the "Detergent of the Atmosphere". Current water cleaning processes replicate this by employing Ozone as well as Hydrogen Peroxide. The cost of these raw products has unfortunately restricted their adoption. Attempts to realize photocatalytic semi-conductors like Titanium Dioxide in a slurry or immobile media just haven't been competitive. Why our Advanced Oxidation Process succeeds: First, the photocatalyst is fixed in relationship to the light source and immune to impact damage. Second it is covered by the thinnest layer of water possible to overcome turbidity and light scattering while maximizing exposure. Third our designs optimize low energy requirements. We harness natural properties like pressure, gravity and sheet flow. Our efficient designs and our system allow dilution during operation. Fourth the design is almost infinitely scalable. In addition to cleaning water, our process can clean the atmosphere just as the Earth does. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. A truly global solution.

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"The proper use of science  is not to conquer nature but to live in it."

Barry Commoner

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